Recorded as part of series on endangered species.


Who Speaks for Earth? © Grower/Noble/Vandiver

There's a fox hunting the woods tonight to feed the kits in her den
There's an owl who soars in the moonlight
over the nest she defends
A polar bear walks on the arctic ice that's growing ever so thin
and each of their voices fall silent as our world keeps closing in.

Who speaks for the fox?
Who speaks for the owl?
Who speaks for the polar bear
and all of the trials they go through?
Who speaks for earth?
We do, Ohh We do.

The monarch spreads bright orange wings
for the 1000 mile journey ahead
The manatee mother guides her calf to the surface
to take its first breath
In the cold Alaskan waters, king salmon swims steady upstream.
If we don’t make our voices heard they’ll all be a distant dream

Who speaks for the monarch?
Who speaks for manatee?
Who speaks for king salmon
And all the trials they go through
Who speaks for Earth
We do, Ohh We do

Now we see the challenge; one that never ends
They depend on us and we depend on them


Who speaks for the fox, the owl, polar bear, manatee
Who speaks for the monarch, king salmon
and all that still run free
Who speaks for earth, who speaks earth - We do, ohh we do, we do